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Process name: Unknown

Application using this process: Unknown

Description of pp11thumbs.ptn

pp11thumbs.ptn is a process started by the Unknown. The process is still being reviewed by our tech lab, and detailed information about this process will be available later.

Non-system processes like pp11thumbs.ptn take origin from the software that is installed on your system. Most applications store its data in your system's registry, and it is likely that your registry will suffer fragmentation and accumulate some invalid entries that might affect your PC's performance.

Security rating of pp11thumbs.ptn

pp11thumbs.ptn is unrated
pp11thumbs.ptn is unrated

Recommendations for pp11thumbs.ptn

Most non-system processes that are running on PC can be stopped because they are not involved in the operating system work.

pp11thumbs.ptn is used by the Unknown. This is an application created by Unknown. If you need to stop pp11thumbs.ptn permanently, then you need to uninstall Unknown from your system.

Incorrectly uninstalled applications can leave invalid entries that are accumulating in your system registry over time. It is recommended that you check your registry to identify issues that are slowing down your system.

Errors related to pp11thumbs.ptn

The issues related to the process are related to the problems encountered by the application that runs it as well. The safe way to eliminate causes for these errors is to uninstall related application and run a system scan to find processes and services that are unused anymore and idling using up valuable system resources.

You also need to run some special registry cleaning programs to find end remove errors related to uninstalled software.