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29 Mar 2013

Google Chrome 26 release: major improvements and changes.

Major improvements and changes in the new version of Google Chrome browser, which is available since 26th of March.

26 Mar 2013

Information disclosure about Windows Blue

There are many screenshots and videos in the public sources that tell about the first version of the new Windows Blue OS for partners

22 Mar 2013

Spam in February 2013: "break" is over?

After several month of break, spammers began their malicious activity again. According to the information from “Kaspersky Lab”, the share of junk email in February has increased almost by 13% and reached 71%.

18 Mar 2013

New Facebook Phishing Attack

Security experts reported that they found an unusual way to spread spam in Facebook. Through this way spammers collect the information about all user's friends, and subsequently spam letters are sent to the participants of the social network, as if, on behalf of their friends.

15 Mar 2013

McAfee: Recently, hackers are attacking mobile devices more often than computers.

McAfee experts prepared a report on malicious activity, in which they pointed to the emergence of new ways to conduct attacks on mobile devices.

11 Mar 2013

Chrome, Firefox, Java, IE10 exploited at Pwn2Own competition.

The first day of Pwn2Own competition (in frames of CanSecWes conference) was fruitful as ever. The functioning techniques to exploit previously unknown vulnerabilities in Chrome, Firefox, IE 10, Windows 8 and Java were demonstrated.

07 Mar 2013

There are 12 vulnerabilities in software on the average per a user

According to the published report, there are 12 vulnerabilities in software on the average per a user. But the total number of the vulnerable applications is more than 132 million.

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